Percy Davies provide comprehensive jewellery and watch repair service, as well as valuations carried out on site by our registered valuers. We are also able to buy gold for cash and offer a jewellery design/redesign service.

We Buy Gold – Silver and Jewellery

With the world’s gold resources running out, gold is becoming more and more valuable to jewellers who want to source gold responsibly. We will offer cash sums over the counter for your unwanted gold and jewellery in any condition. Just bring it in for a free verbal offer. (We pay cash or cheque and you will need some ID).


We will provide a free estimate on any repair job. All servicing and repair work is carried out by skilled craftsmen, in our specialist workshops, therefore we are able to guarantee all our work (unless otherwise stated for a specific reason.).

Jewellery Repairs

          Possible Repairs include:

  • Ring sizing, re-tipping, re-setting, re-mounting
  • Pearl  and bead re-stringing, clasps and catches, safety chains
  • Stones re-cut, re-polish, re-set (we can also provide stones)
  • Earring posts, fittings, backs
  • Brooch pins, safety chains

Bespoke Jewellery Design

If you are thinking of designing your own items, bring us your initial ideas and we can help you develop them to create your perfect piece of Jewellery. We also offer a re-design service to help you refresh outdated items.

Our Designer Janet Weller is a multi award winning Jewellery Designer and Manufacturer, with more than 25 years experience in the trade. Janet has a degree in Jewellery, Silversmithing and Allied Crafts from Sir John Cass School of Art.

Contact us for an appointment.


We can change the battery, test water resistance and replace seals, change the strap, adjust the clasp and bracelet.

Service and overhauls in our workshop (or return to manufacturer ).


Hand and machine engraving on jewellery, watches, cups, trophies and other metal products.


We value antique and modern Jewellery, Watches, Silver & Plated goods for insurance, probate, private sale or division. No appointment is necessary. Valuations may be left at any time except in December. They usually take between 2 & 14 days depending on the demand. Goods are described and valued on the premises, and are insured under our policy whilst with us. We give only a numbered receipt, in case the receipt is lost or stolen. If we could see a previous valuation, we may be able to advise that another valuation is not necessary.

We can also help with insurance claims.


To differentiate between costly natural gemstones and their inexpensive synthetic or imitation counterparts not only requires a battery of scientific instruments, but also the skill and knowledge to interpret the information obtained from them. Diamonds need special attention, and for colour assessing we have approved control stones. The testing of precious metals, platinum, gold, silver etc., is a highly skilled operation.


To calculate replacement values, the valuer needs qualifications and years of experience. To value antiques, recent experience of buying and selling them is essential. When necessary we obtain a second opinion, but we will not accept anything we do not feel competent to value.


Our two valuers, are qualified by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, and are Registered Valuers, of the National Association of Goldsmiths. They comply with their Code of Practice. They are supported by other knowledgeable members of staff with many years of experience and qualifications between them.


Most valuations are carried out for this purpose, and we usually quote the new replacement price. Some articles e.g. antiques, old watches etc., will be quoted at a price to provide sufficient money for a similar item. We recommend that you include all items for which you would claim if lost, even if your insurance company does not require it.

The Schedule

Each item is fully described with sufficiently accurate details for ownership to be proved, and for replacements to be supplied should they be lost.


The benefit of a colour photograph is not apparent until the item is lost. We include one of all items in a valuation (excluding probate valuations where photographs are not necessary).


For Insurance £30 + 1½% of the total value up to £10,000 and 1% thereafter. We recommend updating your valuation at least every 5 years. (We will need to see the goods again). For Private Sale or Division £30 + 2½% of the total value. For Probate £30 + 3% of the total value. There is a minimum charge of £45.

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